Sylvia has done an incredible amount of rehabilitative work* on both herself and her relationships while incarcerated, first at SCI Cambridge Springs and then at SCI Muncy. She prays for Ms. Bernetta Pope and her family every single day and is deeply remorseful that she drove to Ms. Pope’s house that day. She constantly thinks about the pain she caused her family and wants nothing more than to be able to see them and take care of them once again.

Sylvia has taken advantage of every rehabilitative program and educational opportunity made available throughout her time incarcerated. She has worked on her mental health, addiction, self-esteem, role as a mother and grandmother, and emotional management. She has spent a tremendous amount of time fostering her relationship with her daughters and grandchildren while incarcerated. In addition, she has learned skills such as conflict resolution, stress management, character development, positive relationships, and violence prevention and allyship. Sylvia has remained an active member of her church through weekly services, Bible study, and prayer. She has taken classes to learn computer skills, personal finance, CPR/First Aid, and entrepreneurship. Sylvia is most proud of her role as a Certified Mental Health Peer Specialist at SCI Muncy; through this position, she has helped a tremendous number of women on their rehabilitative journeys.

Sylvia’s rehabilitative work has prepared her for reentry into society. She hopes to continue her work as a Certified Mental Health Peer Specialist, particularly “with young people to make sure they don’t make the same bad choices I’ve made.” She wants to spend time with her three daughters and seven grandchildren, as well as with her church community. She has maintained a strong relationship with her family and her community while incarcerated, which will only smooth her transition back into society. Her daughters, god-brother, and sister, as well as many friends, members of her church community, and student advocates have expressed their commitment to helping Sylvia throughout the reentry process. A family friend who is a university professor promised Sylvia a place to stay, financial support, and a job upon her release and reentry.

*Her resume is a few years old; she is currently incarcerated at SCI Muncy